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Es Portal, a farmhouse with three cypress trees
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Es Portal, a farmhouse with three cypress trees

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Es Portal, a farmhouse with history

History of Es Portal Restaurant & Hotel Boutique

Es Portal is close to the medieval town of Pals, near the Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter, and the best beaches in Costa Brava. It is a fully restored 16th-century farmhouse with a long history of hospitality due to its strategic location in the middle of the Empordanet.

When you get the entrance of the farmhouse, you will see 3 cypresses. It's no coincidence. Before, the farmhouses, to let travellers know that they could offer them hospitality, had a peculiar way of doing so. If you saw a single cypress tree next to it, it meant that if you stopped there, they would give you water so that you can continue the journey. Two cypresses meant that, besides drinking, you also could have a meal.

At the farmhouses with three cypresses, like ours, beside the food and drink, you could stay there for a few days in exchange for your work, helping with the care of the animals or with the farm’s crops. While the lords lived in the first floor, the workers lived in the second floor. Unlike today, these floors did not communicate with each other: the original staircase that you can still see from the reception communicated with the first floor. The access to the second floor was where you can find now the elevator.

We are in an environment full of possibilities and close to authentic treasures of the historical and artistic heritage of the Empordà and magnificent golf courses.

Es Portal is located in Mas Roig, one of the fortified farmhouses of the 16th and 17th centuries, and forms one of the most interesting collection of popular Gothic-Renaissance architecture in the region.

History of Es Portal Restaurant & Hotel Boutique
History of Es Portal Restaurant & Hotel Boutique